What we do

ERB Textile, is a socially driven enterprise that produces textile grade fibre extracted from plants that grows wild in the mountains of Himalaya's and manufacture environmentally sustainable & functionally superior textiles.

Why Himalayan fibres ?

Fast fashion is the second largest contributor to pollution on the planet behind oil. Over 10 million tons of apparel is thrown away and buried in landfills each year in the United States alone, where garments will sit for up to 200 years polluting the soil and local water tables.

Our Himalayan fibres grown wild in the mountain of Himalayans. Our USP is that we procure from mountain. Growing this super fiber requires no pesticides, less water, and less time than conventionally grown cotton and other man-made fibers that harm farmers and our ecosystem.

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Our Mission

Empowering Local Farmers Community

The Himalayan region is bestowed with the enormous fibre wealth. Our mission is to utilize these available natural resources and try to upgrade the livelihood of the people living in the region. Our fair payment for raw material creates income for villagers who grow crops.They wild-harvest the raw material in the off-season without disruption to their farm activities. Our appropriate technology extraction process creates jobs for those who live at lower altitudes and need regular work to support their families.

We help change the world locally and globally through one act of generosity at a time. Be a WORLD CHANGER with us.

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Our Products

Time to Go Green

What we can do for you

We encourage retailer, wholesaler, exporter, and manufacturer to shift their focus towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly products which not only serves the purpose but also provide a sense of “Green” to the customer. Our bulk pricing is competitive and best suitable for those looking to work with Himalayan fiber i.e. Hemp and Nettle.

From raw – to – end products, we are committed to your requirements and ready to take an extra step to fully satisfy your needs.

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