Himalayan Fibre

We extract our raw fibre from the bark of Hemp (Commonly referred as “Cannabis Sativa”) and Himalayan Nettle (Local name “Allo”) and convert these fibre for various textile purposes. All these fibre comes from the serene mountains of Himalaya. We call them “Himalayan Fibres”

Himalayan Wild Hemp

Hemp is often considered an environmental “Super Fibre”. It is very fast growing plant with zero use of pesticides and insecticides, produces 250% more fibre than cotton and 4 times more durable with same amount of Land. It gives a strong challenge to cotton on various count.

Himalayan Nettle

Nettle is a bast fibre obtained from the stem of wild growing Nettle plant, generally found at an altitude of 1200-3000m in the mountains of Himalayans. They can be harvested throughout the year and produces high quality fibre –strong, versatile and lustrous, experts call it “Himalayan Silk “.



Porous & Breathability

Superb moisture absorption property & breathability lead to better comfort.


Longer, stronger and more durable than any other natural fiber known to mankind.

Temperature Resistant

Keeps you cool during summer and warm in winters. They can be wore all – season

Antibacterial Properties

Possess anti-bacterial activity against a wide range of pathogen. Making these fiber useful in Hospital and Hospitality.


The collection of our raw material have a net positive impact on the mountain environment.

Carbon- Negative

Require little effort in growing these plant and provide nutrition to the soil for new crop.

Cotton v/s Himalayan fibre


Cotton fibre

  • Cotton needs twice as much land as hemp
  • Cotton needs 9.7L water to grow 1KG of fibre
  • Cotton pollutes the water and leaves the land scorched due to high pesticide & herbicide needs
  • Cotton accounts for 25% of all pesticide use worldwide
  • Organic cotton lessens the blow, although it is not nearly as sustainable as Hemp

Himalayan fibre

  • Hemp produce twice as much fibre per acre
  • Hemp only use 2.123L to grow 1kg of fibre
  • Hemp returns up to 60% of the nutrients to the soil when dried in the field
  • Hemp is a great rotation crop
  • Hemp fibre is 4x more durable than cotton
  • Hemp can relied on in a drought induced famine for high protein seeds


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Home textiles

Mattresses, bedsheets, towels, upholstery etc. owing to added advantage of durability and increased softness with usage.

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Fashion Accessories

Scarfs, socks, handkerchiefs, ties, shoes, pocket squares etc.

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Shirts and suiting

Scarfs, socks, handkerchiefs, ties, shoes, pocket squares etc.

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Durable, Anti-Microbial and Unique Denims.

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Medical textiles

Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-germicidal properties of Canva.

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Diapers and Sanitary pads

Added advantage of breathability, no chemical and absorbent capacities.

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