Value Chain

Integrating Farm to Foreign


Our Collection Process

Local villagers collect wild hemp and nettles in quantities that do not adversely affect the bio-system, to keep the harvest eco-friendly. The workers collect wild hemp and wild Nettle from very remote Himalayan ranges. Sometimes they have to walk for 3 straight days from their village for collection. Villagers always go out in groups called as Small Help group “SHG”.

After collection of raw stalk, they take out the bark from plant and lay it in sunlight for 2-3 days to get it dry and fibre is processed bio-logically. For storage purpose, they make Hemp ball for storage in their home as can be seen in the picture.

We provide assistance to farmer by sending our representative to their home for fibre collection and we pay on-spot to the famer. This help him get the money up front compensating him for his hard work in fibre collection.

We are already present in major district Centers in Nepal and soon enough we will be present all over Himalaya’s. We encourage villager to collect more fibre and provide technical support for better processing and spinning of fibre. In some cases, we provide financial support to economically distressed farmer to improve their living condition.


Social Contribution

We teach women in our Women Centre about spinning, Weaving and knitting and they apply their learning by creating wonderful products and earn money to sustain their needs.

Growing Hemp and Nettle provides provide sustainable income and employment opportunities to lot of farmers and Mountain dwellers.

There is ample scope of employment generation in the field of weaving, spinning and designing and lot of young people are getting associated with us to develop and research on these fibre.

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